Terms Of Services

Welcome to Just Jolly!

We know it’s tempting to skip these Terms of Service, but it’s important
to establish what you can expect from us as you use Just Jolly services, and
what we expect from you.

Just Jolly builds technologies and services that enable people to connect with
each other, Build Community(Groups, Forum & Media Lab) and grow business.
These terms govern your use of Just Jolly, Forum and the products, features,
applications, services, technologies and software we offer(Forum), except
in those situations where we expressly separate terms (And these
conditions do not) refer to being applicable. These products are made
available to you by Just Jolly, INCOMARS SOFTWARE SERVICES.

We do not charge you to use Jolly Jolly, You may use Just Jolly for free but you've
to pay to use for Business, Organization or Community that will give you Premium Benefits as according to Upgrading Plan, Charged, Non-Charged and services included in these terms. Businesses and organizations pay us to show you advertisements
for their products, services, Websites, Applications and other relates to
their legal business or organizations. By using Just Jolly, you agree that we
can show you advertisements that we believe will be relevant to you and
your interests. We use your personal data at Just Jolly to decide which ads to
show you.
| Basic Plan

NOTE: This Basic Plan is mostly recommended for our users, this plan will be valid for 12 months. By selecting this plan you're promising us that you'll not use any of our service to do anything illegal. When you publish any post so your followers will get an update by Email. You're unable to create community or work here for your Organisations and Businesses. Use these tools just as user don't try to use these tools to make any community, for businesses or organizations.
| Pro Plan
NOTE: This Pro Plan is mostly recommended to a user and to grow your big community more or business or organizations & Social Networking, this plan will be valid for a year in one time purchase as according to these terms & conditions you'll pay every year to regulate plan. By using our service and activating this plan you're promising us that you'll not use our services to do anything illegal.
| VIP Plan
NOTE: This VIP Plan is mostly recommended to grow your community, business or organizations, this plan will be valid for a year in as according to these terms & conditions you'll pay every year to regulate plan. In this plan you'll get an opportunity to exclusive access to Folders in Files. You'll also get an artificial intelligence to manage your community that takes some of your basic information like: Business, Community or Organisation name and email address, robot will use this information to send you emails related to your Business Community or Organization and others about your group. By using our services and by upgrading this plan you're promising us that you'll not use these tools to do anything illegal. As accordingly to these terms and conditions you're agreeing these terms and conditions by using our plans services and upgrading our premium plans. By upgrading this plan you'll get a Loyalty Program by Incomars.com in which you'll get some other basic tools and codes to grow up.


| Propagator Plan


NOTE: This plan is mainly to Become a Propagator, if you want to become a propagator and want to earn money by spreading legal businesses and communities, etc so this plan is best for you. You'll get Bulletin to use it to announce businesses, communities,organisations, etc.... By using our services and agreeing our terms of services, you're agreeing with us that you'll not use our services to do anything illegal. Your posts, uploaded media and other contents that will published by you can be announce as according to these benefits. You're having an exclusive access in all contents that places you a propagator. You'll get special notifications from us related to your work, upload, posts, bulletin updates and new updates and releases that being for a propagator. You can learn how to use these tools, what's this propagator?, what's this Propagator badge?, etc.. in Challenges by joining Become a Propagator (Challenge) included in the plan.

Just Jolly gives you a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable and
non-exclusive license(By agreeing Terms & Conditions) to use the software
provided to you as part of the Services. This license has the sole purpose
of enabling you to use and enjoy the benefit of the Services as provided
by Just Jolly, in the manner permitted by these Terms.

We do not sell your personal data to advertisers and do not share any
information with which you are personally identified(such as your name,
email address or other contact information), unless you give us specific
permission for this. Rather, advertisers can tell us things like what kind
of audience they want to advertise and we show those ads to people who
might be interested in them. We provide advertisers with reports about the
performance of their ads, which helps them understand how people are
interacting with their content.

Our data policy {This policy describes the information we process to
support Just Jolly, INCOMARS SOFTWARE SERVICES and other features it offer(
Just Jolly Forum or Forum). You can use additional tools and information by
going to Just Jolly Support to how to use Just Jolly}, It describes how we collect
and use your personal data to determine certain advertisements you see and
to provide all other services described below. About how we store your
data and what we have stored, you can go to your Account option any time
by clicking on your profile icon or downward arrow at the right side to
your profile icon then, you'll get My Account option where you can see how
we stored your data and what we've taken to give you a joyful use of
Just Jolly.

Basic Terms


1). You may not post nude, partially nude, or sexually suggestive photos.
You are responsible for any activity that occurs under your screen name.
You're responsible for keeping your password secure (Just Jolly does not saves
your Passwords and other sensitive information related to your account,
This all will be in SSL Certificate so your other things will be secure
from attackers but you don't tell to your password with anyone).

2). You must not share your Phone Number and other contact information
with any user at Just Jolly, If you shared and you got attacked by attackers so
You'll be responsible for it.

3). You must not encourage any post that opposes Public Policy, If you do
so You'll be responsible for it.

4). In case of any inquiry by the Government, by the Police Department and of any
country or countries. We will give them the email of the user they ask for. (Just Jolly stores Data to Users Account by Cookies).

5). You must not crawl, scrape, or otherwise cache any content from Just Jolly
including but not limited to user profiles and photos.

6). You are solely responsible for your conduct and any data, text,
information, screen names, graphics, photos, profiles, audio and video
clips, links ("Content") that you submit, post, and display on the Just Jolly

7). You must not create or submit unwanted messages and comments to any
Just Jolly members ("Spam").

8). If any Just Jolly Member messages you unwanted messages or comments that
oppose Public Policy so you may freely Report in Just Jolly Reports.

9). You must not use web URLs in your name without prior written consent

10). You must not discriminate, patronize or meddle in the profession of
any religion, Caste, Gender, race, place of birth or any of them.

11). You must not spread rumors against any post, photo, video, Just Jolly
Member, Content, Advertises, Audio Files, Communities... of anything. If
you feel disturbed from any content so direct report to Just Jolly

12). Your access to and use of the Services or any Content are at your own

13). After all terms & conditions if we find any person, guilty of any act, misbehavior or found inappropriate statement or inappropriate post, forum, Media, group activities and not following the rules after warning, we've the right to block him for limited period of time(1 day to 1 week) and after all steps the person not understand we'll contact with law agencies.

14). All rights are relating to addition, deletion of any terms of services and privacy policy reserved with JUST JOLLY, INCOMARS SOFTWARE SERVICES.

15). We are constantly changing and improving our Services. We may add or remove functionalities or features of the Services at any time, and we may suspend or stop a Service altogether.

16). If any offensive behavior or any abnormal behavior user can be suspend for 1 week, if they create any abusive, offensive content or message, or repeat again so we're having right to block them for always or we can do as accordingly us as written in these terms, by using our services and agreeing our terms you're agreeing with us.

1). Services We Offer

Our mission is to enable people to create communities, groups, posts... and bring the world closer. To help further this cause, we provide functions and services
described below:

Microblog: Our main motive is to share knowledge with our all members that's why we start posting, we know it's really a awesome function and our posts related to knowledgeable topics, we're writing in these terms that our main motive is to give and share knowledge, our intention isn't to hurt your feelings or policies by agreeing our terms and by reading our blogs you're agreeing with us.

|To give you a personalized experience:

Your experience on Just Jolly is different from others: from posts, groups,
media, communities and other content that you see in Forum or on our
Customer Care Help Center - Support, to the pages you follow or the
Popular Posts you use And your experience of other features like search is
different from others. We use the data available to us to personalize your
experience, for example, the connections you make, the choices and
settings you choose, and any activities you do or share on or outside our

|Connecting with people and organizations you like:

We help you find connections with people, groups, businesses,
organizations and more on all the Just Jolly features you use that matter to
you. We suggest you or others using the data we have available - for
example, Groups, Media Lab, Forum, Challenges and other contents. Chat Box
to send messages Overview to Follow peoples or to follow them from
Forum by liking and Following their post has been also marked to follow
them from Forum. And people that Maybe you want to be friends with.
Stronger relationships lead to better communities and we believe that our
services are most useful when people connect with the people, Groups,
Forum, Media Lab, Challenges and organization's that value them.

|To enable you to express yourself and the things that matter to you:

There are many ways to express yourself on Just Jolly and talk to Friends,
Family and others about what matters to you - for example, Media Lab Post
updates, photos, videos in other like forum on all Just Jolly Contents you use.
And sharing stories, sending messages to a friend or many people, creating
Posts, Groups and Communities or adding content to your profile.     
Not only have we developed many ways for people to use technology, but we
are also constantly looking for new ways, Such as Augmented Reality and 3D
Photos and videos to create and share more expressive and interesting
content on Just Jolly.

|Helping you find the content, features and services of your interest:

We show you advertisements, offers and other sponsored content to help you
find content, products and services offered by Just Jolly and other businesses
and organizations using Just Jolly features and contents shown in Menu at
Just Jolly.

|Facing Harmful Behavior and Protecting and Helping Your Community or Your
Social Content at Just Jolly:

People will create a community on Just Jolly only when they feel safe. We
employ dedicated our Artificial Intelligence around the world to detect
misuse of our Features, Actions that harm others, and other such
situations, and develop advanced technology systems to help us protect or
protect our community or other organizations at Just Jolly. If we detect such
content or behavior, We will take appropriate action - for example,
helping, removing content, removing or restricting access to certain
features, disabling an account or contacting a law enforcement agency. We
share data with other Just Jolly Companies when we find that someone using one
of our features has misused it or behaved harmfully. We mainly stores most of our users data to their accounts.

| Using and developing advanced technologies to provide safe and smooth
services to all:

We use and develop advanced technologies - such as artificial
intelligence, machine learning systems, and Augmented reality - so that
people can use our products safely, regardless of physical ability or
geographic locations. For example, such technology helps physically impaired
people understand what or who is in a photo or video shared on Just Jolly or
Forum. We have also created sophisticated network and communication
technology, which can help in connecting more people to the Internet in
areas with limited access. And we develop automated systems to improve our
ability to detect and remove improper and dangerous activity that could
potentially harm our community and the integrity of our products, We've
also developed a technology that can manage and show your data that we
take and how to add more to give us direct from yourself adding and Others
like that We stores chats to your accounts via cookies that's for safety
to safely store all that in your account. This is the important point in
these terms and conditions.

2. We provide a broad range of services that are subject to these terms,

Groups, Files, Media Lab, Forum, Challenges

Forum {Publishing Post(Big Step to grow community or create community)}

Services (Customer Care Help Center)

1. Challenges: You can use our challenge services and be the part of this service by joining it, By using these our services you're agreeing with us that you'll not use any of our challenge or learn anything from  our challenges to do anything illegal. If you try to do anything illegal so only you'll be responsible for it.
Bulletin: By Bulletin you're able to announce - new publishes, group activities and other uploads or publishes. Propagator are mainly available with more bulletins as they're working to spread businesses, communities, etc.

Challenges - Become a Propagator: You can become a propagator by joining this challenge, Propagator(A person who can spread anything legal at Just Jolly) We'll assign you the badge after completion of your challenge Become a Propagator. We've set limited users to join this challenge 1000 Users can join this Challenge. 

Propagators are promising us that they'll not spread and do anything illegal by using our services and by agreeing with us. If they spread anything illegal so they'll be responsible for that.

We won't be responsible or involve in any of your payment matters. You're agreeing with us by using our services.

2. Files Library: You can also use our this service to Upload file or Create new folder and put your files and also give access permissions to view, downloads from the library, but you need to upgrade our premium plan(VIP) to give them access permissions to your chosen members or your known at Just Jolly. By using our services you're agreeing us that you'll not use any of our services to do anything illegal and you'll also consider these terms while using our services. If you do anything illegal so only you'll be responsible for it.

3. Overview: You can talk with members as your known and if someone else don't want to talk with you so you've to as accordingly, if you do anything without accordingly so we can suspend you for some time(Day - 1 Week).

4. Groups: You can't invite any other member to your group without concern with them if you try to do it so we can suspend you for limited time(Day - 1 Week). You can't use our services to do anything illegal. By using our services you're agreeing with us.

5. Forum: You can create and edit your post as according to you, you can't use these tools and our services to do anything illegal, by using our services and by agreeing these terms you're agreeing with us. You can also use dividers to clear other paragraphs, you can also use premium tools to decorate your post.

6. Media Lab: You can post only legal things, if you post anything illegal so only you'll be responsible for it by using our services and by agreeing these terms you're agreeing with us.

By using our services By agreeing our services you'r also agreeing us that you'll consider these terms of services while using our services.

We're constantly developing new technologies and features to improve our
services. For example, we develops Artificial Intelligence that uses
Machine learning to detect and block spam and malware, and to provide you
with innovative features like Forum.  We sometimes add or remove features
and functionalities, increase or decrease limits to our services, and
start offering new services or stop offering old ones.

Our triggered Email Systems that direct email to members when any post
published at Just Jolly, If you direct don't want to receive emails so go to
the Settings then Deny the option of Chat Notifications and Other Email


We provide our services using reasonable skill and care. If we don’t meet
the quality level described in this warranty, you agree to tell us(You may
write us in Feedback) and we’ll work with you to try to resolve the issue.

Your Account

You may need to create an account to use some of our Services. You are
responsible for safeguarding your account, so use a strong password and
limit its use to this account. We cannot and will not be liable for any
loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with the above.

You can control most communications from the Services. We may need to
provide you with certain communications, such as service announcements and
administrative messages. These communications are considered part of the
Services and your account, and you may not be able to opt-out from
receiving them. If you added your phone number to your account and you
later change or deactivate that phone number, you must update your account
information to help prevent us from communicating with anyone who acquires
your old number.

You may end your legal agreement with Just Jolly at any time by deactivating
your accounts and discontinuing your use of the Services.

|Researching ways to improve your services:

We do research to develop, test and improve our products. This includes
analyzing the data available to our users and understanding how people use
our products, for example conducting surveys and testing and
troubleshooting new features. Our data policy describes how we use data to
support this research to develop and improve our services.

|Providing equal and uninterrupted experience across all Just Jolly company

Our products help you find and connect with people, groups, businesses,
organizations and other things that matter to you. We design our system in
such a way that you get a uniform and seamless experience across the
various Just Jolly features you use. For example, we use data from people
you've interacted with on Just Jolly to make it easier for you to connect with
them on Forum or Groups, and we enable you to contact others on Just Jolly that
you follow through Overview.

2). Where do we get funds for our services

Instead of Just Jolly and to pay for the use of other features and services we
offer, using these insert Just Jolly features in terms, you agree that we can
show you ads that from company's products on And businesses and
organizations pay us to promote beyond that. We use your personal data to
show you more relevant ads, such as information related to your activity
and interests.
Protecting people's privacy is central to the design of our advertising
system. This means that we can show you relevant and useful ads without
telling advertisers who you are. We do not sell your personal data. We
allow advertisers to provide information such as their business goals, and
the kind of audience they want to show their ads to. Then we show their
advertisements to people who may be interested in it.
We also provide advertisers with reports about the performance of their
ads, which helps them understand how people are interacting with their
content on and off Just Jolly. For example, we provide advertisers with
information on general demographics and interests (for example, stating
that an advertisement has been viewed by a woman between the ages of 25
and 34 who lives in Madrid and who Likes software engineering) so that
they can understand their audiences better. We do not share information
that directly identifies you (information such as your name or email
address that can be used to contact you or identify you) unless you give
us explicit permission. Learn more about how Just Jolly ads work from here .
We collect and use your personal data to provide you with the services
described above. You can learn our way of collecting and using data by
looking at our data policy . You have control over the types of
advertisements and advertisers you see and the type of information that we
use to decide which ads to show you.

About Just Jolly Ads

Let's talk about advertisements. How data is used to show you ads without
revealing your identity to advertisers, what controls you have that can
help you decide which ads you see, why you have a particular ad Is visible
and learn more about some common questions.

Understand what data is used to show you ads

We want you to know how data is used to show you ads without revealing
your identity to advertisers. We designed our advertising system in such a
way that protecting the privacy of the people is the most important.

Your activity on Just Jolly companies and products everywhere

Advertisements are shown to you based on your activity on all Just Jolly pages
and products - such as:
Pages you and your friends have liked
Information you added on your Just Jolly profile
Places you have checked in using Just Jolly.

Your activity with other businesses

When you share information such as a phone number or email address in a
Business Community or Organization, they can add it to the subscriber list
which can be matched to your Just Jolly profile. We can then match the ad to
the most relevant audience. You might have shared this information with
these businesses like this:

1. By signing up for the email newsletter

2. Organization

3. Signing up for a Community.

your location

We use location related data to show you ads from advertisers who are
trying to reach people in or around a particular location. We get this
information from these sources:

1. The place where you connect the Internet

2. The place you use your phone

3. Your location from your Just Jolly profile

The advertiser chooses the goal of their business

The advertiser chooses a goal, such as selling a product or raising
awareness of their brand name.

The advertiser identifies the right audience for themselves

Advertisers speculate the interest of the people and tell us what kind of
audience they want.

3). Your commitments to Just Jolly and our community

We provide these services to you and other people to get help in
furthering our mission. In return, we want these commitments from you:

1. Who can use Just Jolly

|When people take responsibility for their thoughts and actions, our
community becomes more secure and responsible. This is why you should do
the following:

1. Use only the name used in your daily life.

2. Provide accurate / accurate information about yourself.

3. Create only one account (your own) and use your timeline for personal

4. Do not share your password, do not give other people access to your
Just Jolly account, or (without our permission) transfer your account to
someone else.

|We try to make Just Jolly widely available to everyone, but in the following
cases you will not be able to use Just Jolly:

1. If you are under 13 (or below the minimum legal age required in your
country to use our products). Parents or legal guardians will be held responsible in case of any misbehavior as per the law of the respective country.

2. We previously disabled your account for violating our terms and

3. You are prohibited from obtaining our products, services or software
under applicable laws.

2. What you can share and what activity you can do on Just Jolly

We want people to use Just Jolly to express themselves and share the content
that matters to them, but do not do so without jeopardizing the safety and
interest of others or the integrity of our community. Therefore, you agree
not to participate in the conduct described below (or to facilitate or
assist others to do so):

2.1 . You cannot use our products to do or share anything like:

2.1.1 . This violates these conditions, our Community Standards and other
terms and policies applicable to your use of Just Jolly.

2.1.2 . Which is illegal, deceptive, discriminatory or fraudulent.

2.1.3 . Those who violate or encroach on someone Elise's rights, this
includes their intellectual property rights.

2.2 . You may not upload viruses or malicious code or do anything that may
disable, overload our products, or distort their ability or appearance to
function properly, new members can create 10 posts in a day in their first week.

2.3 . You will not access or collect data about our products or attempt to
access data that you do not have access to, using automated methods
(without our permission).

We may remove or restrict access to content that violates these

If we remove content shared by you for violating our Community Standards,
we will notify you of this and explain to you all the options available to
you to request a double check, provided that you have not severely or
repeatedly violated the Terms or does not cause us or others to face any
legal problems; Do not harm our user community, pose a risk or impediment
to the integrity or operation of any of our services, systems or products;
Where we are not restricted due to technical limitations; Or unless we are
legally prohibited to do so.

To help your community, we encourage you to report content or behavior
that you believe violates your rights (including intellectual property
rights) or our terms and policy.

If we feel that removing or limiting access to your content is logically
necessary to avoid or reduce the adverse legal or regulatory effects on
Just Jolly, we may do so as well.

4). Dispute

We try to provide clear rules so that we can limit or prevent disputes
between you and us. If there is a dispute even then, it will be useful to
know in advance where it can be resolved and what laws will apply in it.

If you are a consumer, the rules of your country of residence will apply
to any claims, litigation or disputes arising out of or relating to you to these rules or  Just Jolly products, and you will be able to resolve your claim in the same country.

5). More

1. These terms (formerly known as 'Statement of Rights and
Responsibilities') regarding you and Just Jolly, INCOMARS SOFTWARE SERVICES.
use of our products. There is a complete agreement between them to replace
all previous contracts.

2. Some of the products we offer are also governed by supplementary terms.
If you use any of those products, supplementary terms will be made
available and will become part of the contract / agreement between you and
us. For example, if you access or use our products for commercial or
commercial purposes, such as buying advertisements, selling products,
developing applications, managing a group or page for your business, or
using our evaluation services Use, you must agree to our commercial terms
. If you post or share content that contains music, you must follow our
music guidelines . If there is a conflict between the Supplementary Terms
and these Terms, only the Supplementary Terms will control the extent
of the conflict.

3. If any part of these conditions is found to be unenforceable, then the
remaining part will remain fully enforceable and effective. If we fail to
implement any of these conditions, then it will not be considered a
waiver. Any amendment to any of these conditions or any waiver granted
will be in writing and signed by us.

4. You will not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these
conditions to any other person without our consent.

5. If your account has been made memorable, you can appoint a person
(called 'testamentary contact') to manage it. In the event of your death
or incapacity, only your willful contact or the person you have set out in
a valid will or similar document, with clear consent to disclose your
contents, to make your account memorable. Will be able to demand his

6. The rights of any third-party beneficiary are not implied in these
terms. All of our rights and obligations subject to these conditions may
be freely assigned to us in the event of a merger, acquisition or sale of
assets, or in the event of legal action or otherwise.

7. You should know that in some circumstances we may have to change your
account user name (for example when someone else claims this user name and
it sounds different from the name you use in daily life). If we have to do
this, then we will inform you in advance and will tell you the reason for

8. We always welcome your feedback and other suggestions about our
products and services. But you should know that we can use them without
any restriction or obligation to compensate you, and we are not obliged to
keep them confidential.

9. We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

6). Other conditions and policies that may apply to you

1. Community Standards : These guidelines outline our standards regarding
content posted by you on Just Jolly and your activity on Just Jolly and other Just Jolly  

2. Commercial Terms : If you also access or use our features for any
commercial or commercial purpose, these conditions apply, including
advertising, operating an application on our platform, using our
evaluation services , Managing a page or group for a business, or selling
goods or services.

3. Advertising policies : These policies describe what types of
advertising content are allowed to all advertising partners on Just Jolly

4. Given themselves ad Terms : are these terms apply to the use of self-
service advertising interface for your advertising or other commercial or
sponsored activity or content, to submit or distribute.

5. Pages, groups, files, Media Lab, Forum and challenges policy : These
guidelines apply if you create or administer a Just Jolly page, group, or Files
or Media Lab or Forum or Challenges, or if you use Just Jolly to promote or
administer a promotion.

6. Just Jolly Platform Policy : These guidelines outline the policies that
apply to your use of our platform (for example, to the developer or
operator of a platform application or website, or if you use social plug-

6.1 . Just Jolly Platform Policies: 

6.1.1 . To use Platform (including to Process any Platform Data), you
agree to these Platform Terms (“Terms”), as well as all other applicable
terms and policies. This may include the Just Jolly Terms of Service, the Just Jolly
Terms of Use, the Just Jolly Commercial Terms, the Business Tools Terms, and
any Just Jolly Product terms that are applicable.

6.1.2 . These Terms will start on the earlier of the date you accept them
or otherwise start accessing or using Platform, and will continue until
you stop accessing and using Platform, unless ended earlier as described
below. If you are accepting these Terms or accessing or using Platform on
behalf of an entity, you represent and warrant that you have the authority
to bind such entity to these Terms and you agree on behalf of such entity
to be bound by these Terms (and for clarity, all other references to “you”
in these Terms refer to such entities). For clarity, these Terms updated and
replaced the Just Jolly Platform Policy and the Just Jolly Forum Platform Policy and
any references in existing terms, policies, or agreements to the “Just Jolly
Platform Policy,” “Just Jolly-Forum Platform Policy,” or “Platform Policy”
shall now mean these Terms.

6.1.3 . If you fail to comply with these Terms or any other applicable
terms or policies, we may suspend or terminate your account, as described

6.1.4 . Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein (including in
Section 12 (“Glossary”) have the meaning given in our other terms and
policies, including our Terms of Service and our Just Jolly Commercial Terms.
The term “including” means “including without limitation.”

6.2 . Intellectual Property Rights

6.2.1 . Our License to You. Subject to your compliance with these Terms
and all other applicable terms and policies, we grant you a limited, non-
exclusive, non-sublicensable (except to Service Providers as described
above), non-transferable, non-assignable license to use, access, and
integrate with Platform, but only to the extent permitted in these Terms
and all other applicable terms and policies. You will not sell, transfer,
or sublicense Platform to anyone. Except as expressly licensed herein, you
will not use, access, integrate with, modify, translate, create derivative
works of, reverse engineer, or otherwise exploit Platform or any aspect

6.2.2 . Your Licence to Us

(i) Your Content . You grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable,
royalty-free, worldwide license to: host, use, distribute, modify, run,
copy, publicly perform or display, translate, and create derivative works
of any information, data, and other content made available by you or on
your behalf (including by your Service Providers or through your App) in
connection with Platform (collectively, “Your Content”) for business
purpose in connection with operating, providing, or improving Platform or
any other Just Jolly Product. This license remains in effect even if you stop
using Platform. Without limitation, your license to us includes: the right
to incorporate Your Content into other parts of Just Jolly Products, the right
to attribute the source of Your Content using your name, trademarks, or
logos; the right to use Your Content for promotional purposes, and the
right to analyze Your Content (including to make sure you’re complying
with these Terms and all other applicable terms and policies). . If you use the Just Jolly Community, Business or Organization Tools
to send us Community, Business or organization Tool Data, our use of that
data is governed by the Community, Business or Organization Tools Terms
rather than the foregoing license for Your Content. . If you owned Your Content before providing it to us, you will
continue owning it after providing it to us, subject to any rights granted
in these Terms or any other applicable terms or policies and any access
you provide to others by sharing it via Platform.

6.2.3 . Your App . You grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable,
royalty-free, worldwide license to: host, use, distribute, modify, run,
copy, publicly perform or display, translate, and create derivative works
of your App for business purpose in connection with operating,
providing, or improving Platform. This license remains in effect even if
you stop using Platform. Without limitation, the foregoing license
includes the right to frame or link to your App, to place content
(including ads) around your App, and to analyze your App (including to
assess your compliance with these Terms and all other applicable terms and
policies). . As between the parties, in connection with Platform, we won’t be
subject to any terms or policies associated with your post, app or Your
Content (even if we click or tap agreement). Those terms and policies are
considered null and void and are rejected and excluded from these Terms. . Nothing in these Terms will be interpreted as a representation
or agreement that we will not develop or have not developed apps,
products, features, or services that are similar to your App or compete
with your App.

6.2.4 . Protecting the Rights of Others

(i) You will not provide or promote content in your App that infringes
upon or otherwise violates the rights of any person or third party.

(ii) You will obtain (and represent and warrant that you own or have
secured) all rights necessary from all applicable rights holders to (1)
grant the licenses, rights, and permissions in these Terms (including
those in Section 2.b (“Your License to Us”)); (2) display, distribute, and
deliver all information, data, and other content in your App; and (3)
otherwise operate your App. This includes satisfying all licensing,
reporting, and payout obligations to third parties. Our site takes 8 Seconds of load time by agreeing these terms of service you're also agreeing to wait for 8 Seconds of load time. Just Jolly uses animations for buttons and images and other things which compliant CSS and animations will be load in 1 second hardly that's our average time to display you augmented look of Just Jolly.

(iii) If your App contains content submitted or provided by your Users or
other third parties, you must have an appropriate notice and take down
process and otherwise comply with all applicable laws and regulations to
respond to notices of claimed infringement.

6.2.5 . Data Use

a). Prohibited Practices. You will not perform, or facilitate or support
others in performing, any of the following prohibited practices
(collectively, “Prohibited Practices”):

(i) Processing Platform Data to discriminate or encourage discrimination
against people based on personal attributes including race, ethnicity,
color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender
identity, family status, disability, medical or genetic condition, or any
other categories prohibited by applicable law, regulation, or Just Jolly

(ii) Processing Platform Data to make eligibility determinations about
people, including for housing, employment, insurance, education
opportunities, credit, government benefits, or immigration status. By
eligibility determinations, we mean determining whether to provide, deny,
or take away a particular benefit (for example, housing or scholarships)
as well as determining the terms under which the benefit will be provided,
denied, or taken away.

(iii) Processing Platform Data to perform, facilitate, or provide tools
for surveillance. Surveillance includes the Processing of Platform Data
about people, groups, or events for law enforcement or national security

(iv) Placing Platform Data on, or otherwise making Platform Data available
to, a search engine or directory without our prior express written

(v) Attempting to decode, circumvent, re-identify, De-anonymize,
unscramble, unencrypt, or reverse hash, or reverse-engineer Platform Data
that is provided to you.

(vi) Changing your App’s core functionality or data Processing so that
Users would view it as an unfamiliar or different App, or materially
changing the scope of Processing of previously collected Platform Data,
unless in each case you first re-submit your App and receive our approval
through App Review.

(vii) Processing friend lists from Just Jolly to establish social connections
in your App unless each person in that connection has granted you access
to that information for that purpose.

b). Additional Terms for Restricted Platform Data

(i) You will not request Restricted Platform Data unless it is necessary
to meaningfully improve the quality of the applicable User's experience in
the specific product or service for which the User shared the data.

(ii) It must be clear to the User why you are requesting their Restricted
Platform Data in order to improve the quality of their experience.

(iii) For clarity, your Processing of Restricted Platform Data must comply
with the applicable Developer Docs and other provisions of these Terms
(including the Prohibited Practices).

c). Sharing Platform Data. You may only share Platform Data in compliance
with these Terms (including Sections 3.a (“Prohibited Practices”), 3.b
(“Additional Terms for Restricted Platform Data”), 4 (“Privacy Policy”),
and 5 (“Service Providers and Tech Providers”)), applicable law and
regulations, and all other applicable terms and policies, and only in the
following circumstances:

i. With respect to Platform Data collected as a Tech Provider, solely as
described below in Section 5.b (“Tech Providers”);

ii. With respect to Platform Data not collected as a Tech Provider,

1. when required under applicable law or regulation (you must retain proof
of the applicable legal or regulatory requirement or request and provide
it to us if we ask for it);

2. with your Service Provider;

3. when a User expressly directs you to share the data with a third party
(you must retain proof of the User’s express direction and provide it to
us if we ask for it); or

4. solely with respect to Platform Data that is not Restricted Platform
Data, with other third parties, so long as:

a. you first contractually prohibit them from using the Platform Data in a
way that would violate these Terms or any other applicable terms or
policies (you must retain proof of the contractual prohibition and provide
it to us if we ask for it); and

b. you ensure that any such third parties comply with these Terms and all
other applicable terms and policies as if they were in your place, and you
are responsible for their acts and omissions, including their

d. Retention, Deletion, and Accessibility of Platform Data

i. Unless required to keep Platform Data under applicable law or
regulation, you must (and must make reasonable efforts to ensure your
Service Providers) do the following:

1. Make reasonable efforts to keep Platform Data up to date, including
Platform Data that has been modified or deleted. You must update Platform
Data promptly after receiving a request from us or the User to do so. You
must give Users an easily accessible and clearly marked way to ask for
their Platform Data to be modified or deleted.

2. Delete all Platform Data as soon as reasonably possible in the
following cases:

a. When retaining the Platform Data is no longer necessary for a
legitimate business purpose that is consistent with these Terms and all
other applicable terms and policies;

b. When you stop operating the product or service through which the
Platform Data was acquired;

c. When we request you delete the Platform Data for the protection of
Users (which we will determine at our sole discretion);

d. When a User requests their Platform Data be deleted or no longer has an
account with you (unless the Platform Data has been aggregated, obscured,
or de-identified so that it cannot be associated with a particular User,
browser, or device), or for Tech Providers, when a User or the Client
requests their Platform Data be deleted or the Client no longer has an
account with you;

e. When required by applicable law or regulations; or

f. As required under Section 7 (“Compliance Review Rights and Suspension
and Termination of these Terms”).

ii. If you are required to keep Platform Data under applicable law or
regulation, you must retain proof of the applicable legal or regulatory
requirement or request and provide it if we ask for it.

iii. If you have received Platform Data in error, you must immediately
report this to us, delete that Platform Data, and provide proof of
deletion if we ask for it.

7). Privacy Policy

a. If you use Platform to Process Platform Data, you will provide and
comply with a publicly available and easily accessible privacy policy.

b. This policy must comply with applicable law and regulations and must
accurately and clearly explain what data you are Processing, how you are
Processing it, the purposes for which you are Processing it, and how Users
may request deletion of that data.

c. You may only Process Platform Data as clearly described in your privacy
policy and in accordance with all applicable law and regulations, these
Terms, and all other applicable terms and policies.

d. Your privacy policy will not supersede, modify, or be inconsistent with
these Terms or any other applicable terms or policies.

e. You must retain all of your privacy policies in effect while using
Platform and provide them to us if we ask for them.

f. You will maintain publicly available links to your privacy policies in
the privacy policy field in the settings of your App Dashboard, as well as
in any App Store that allows you to do so, if applicable, and ensure the
links remain current and up to date.

8). Service Providers and Tech Providers

Service Providers

i. You will not use a Service Provider in connection with your use of
Platform or Processing of Platform Data unless such Service Provider first
agrees in writing to do the following:

1. Use Platform and Process Platform Data solely for you and at your
direction in order to provide services you requested in a manner that is
consistent with these Terms, all other applicable terms and policies, and
your privacy policy, and for no other individual or entity and for no
other purpose, including for the Service Provider’s own purposes; and our site loads in 8 Seconds(This is average loading time) by agreeing these terms of services you're compromising this reload time.

2. In the event the Service Provider engages another Service Provider
(“Sub-Service Provider”) in order to provide the services requested,
ensure the Service Provider requires the Sub-Service Provider in writing
to comply with the above requirements.

ii. You must ensure that any Service Provider and Sub-Service Provider
complies with these Terms and all other applicable terms and policies as
if they were in your place, and you are responsible for their acts and
omissions, including their noncompliance.

iii. When you cease using a Service Provider or Sub-Service Provider, you
must ensure they immediately cease using Platform and Processing Platform
Data and promptly delete all Platform Data in their possession or control.

iv. Upon our request, you must provide a list of your Service Providers
and Sub-Service Providers including up-to-date contact information for
each, the types and volume of Platform Data shared, and proof of written
agreements with your Service Providers to demonstrate compliance with this

v. We may prohibit your use of any Service Provider or Sub-Service
Provider in connection with your use of Platform or Processing of Platform
Data if we believe that (1) they have violated these Terms or other
applicable terms or policies or (2) they are negatively impacting
Platform, other Just Jolly Products, Platform Data, or people who use Just Jolly
Products, and will provide notice to you if we do. Promptly upon such
notice, you must stop using that Service Provider or Sub-Service Provider
in connection with your use of Platform or Processing of Platform Data.

vi. We may require that your Service Providers or Sub-Service Providers
agree to these Terms or other applicable terms or policies in order to
access Just Jolly Products, Platform, or Platform Data.

Music Guideline : Music Guidelines : These guidelines outline the policies
that apply when you post or share content with music on Just Jolly. You should be registered to post or share musics on the platform with downloads.

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