Our Features

Features like Forum- JUST JOLLY(Use this feature to create posts related to your business, organisation, community, etc that may spread out) Media contents that we show will help you to increase audience to grow you. Groups start creating groups with Advanced Tools, choose what you want to send notification for, and others related Apps notifications and Website Notification related to your group or community work. Start creating groups. Our features that are mainly for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Bloggers, Professional Purposes and Business & eCommerce related Website, App, Software client may also be used to create their community or spread out their business by just a few seconds, we recommend them also as written here. If you want to use our marketing tools and Forum like marketing feeds so we're your best friend and you may also ask us anything related to our any content, we'll give you full support and help you to understand what's this about even we can call you also if you not understand by our given accessible description, that's also the feature that may support us to get in touch with you. We're still looking for augmented reality to give you the best presentation and look that will also help you to highlight your community, business, organisation, etc.

Our features and functionality that we provide or we use to understand what you're looking for? That helps us a lot to give you the best service and other related to your business, organisation, community, etc- services to spread out and use to decorate or other are the services that we provide to our all users who are interested to spread out and grow any of his related custom legal content. If you find any problem or any trouble in loading pages so visit our Help Center where you may find out or if you haven't got that so you may also leave us your question or problem as according we'll reply to you as soon as we can.​

API integration

We  would like to refer you to a related platform where you may use to publish posts or you may also use that as a user in Premium Subscription.

We refer to other platforms where you may work for your business and related to your business.

Merged audience

We trigger emails to your clients that follow you by this awesome feature. We notify your members, clients, etc about any update that you create or edit at Incomars. If any of your clients don't want to receive notifications related to your business, organisation, community so he can unsubscribe the email campaign, the Unsubscribe button is already given in those sent email campaigns.

Smart Budgeting

We sure you to choose and final budgets in our Drop down list, which you may select from our given budget. We recommend you to read and follow these points related in smart budgeting:

  • Check on your budget regularly.

  • Always keep the total in mind.

  • Plan out your social calendar.

  • Always be in touch with your subscription information.

  • Use the Right Tools.

Ads design templates

We show you advertisements that are related to your business or your need to grow and spread out anything legal, that may support your works you did on Incomars. We don't share data to other advertisers so, you may trust us with your given information in which some of us are required to continue with us. We use templates to show you that are created and designed augmented to give you the best look.

Efficient analytics 

We take your required information that will help or support your business like your name, your email, your phone number and other business information like your business name, etc.... That helps us to manage data and we also analyze your data with your given information and that we repeat to take once in a year mainly one or two times on the base of your activity that you did on Incomars.

Digest e-mails

We use reliable fonts so you may easily read our emails that have been sent to you related to your post or any of your business related activities or updates if you fill to receive updates. We know it's a big responsibility to manage these all. That's why we like to manage it all and we are required to do these.